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by Dr. Dog

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released September 30, 2013

All songs written by Dr.Dog.
All songs produced, engineered and mixed by Dr.Dog
and Nathan Sabatino at Mt. Slippery. 2013.

Dr.Dog is Slick, Old Tober, Gasoline Monster, F.X. Mackanoid, Mickenz and Z.U.

Thank you, Tadd, Balz, Jim, Brian McTear, Andy Kaulken.

Greg Perkins – fiddle on Phenomenon

Horns arranged by E. Slick

Horns Antibalas:
Stuart Bogie - tenor saxophone
Matt Bauder - baritone saxophone
Jordan McLean - trumpet

All songs published:
Hunterisadog (ASCAP)
All rights administered by Kobalt Songs Music
Publishing ASCAP
Minding the Usher
Hunterisadog (ASCAP) and Grow Your Own Music (ASCAP)
Hunterisadog (ASCAP) and Cabin Crease Music (ASCAP)

Mastered by Brian Lucey

Back Cover Photo By Nickie Divine with assistance from Larry DeMark



all rights reserved


Dr. Dog Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Truth
The truth don’t stop
It makes you move
Round and round
Like the moon
It’s comin down
The truth don’t stop
It’s really coming
The truth don’t stop
it’s falling hard
The truth don’t stop
Another day
The truth don’t stop
Thunder and lightning
The devil’s done
I paid my dues
But he just won’t quit
He don’t like to lose
let the rain fall
Track Name: Broken Heart
I never really had a broken heart. I always played it kinda close to my chest.
Love for me’s just been a walk in the park. It doesn’t really matter, It never really mattered.
I never really had a broken heart. It’s always such a shock to me. What looks to me like people going through the motions, but when it’s over their hearts are broken.
I’m fine on the shelf
She really loved him, I couldn’t see it
He really loved her, I don’t believe it, oh no
Freedom from love, freedom from the heartache
I never really had a broken heart. You don’t believe me, just look at my chest
The way some people like to run and hide, I never really, really. I never really.
I never really had a broken heart. I’ve never really ever been undone. It’s just playing house. If two can do it, you can do it too.
You better hit the ground running.
Track Name: Minding the Usher
There’s the wrong to the right
There’s the day to the night
We’re turning it off
But it goes on
There you are to the other
There’s the sky to the mountain
Be still in the wind
For it goes on
And on
Yeah it goes on and on, and on
I don’t wanna make you mad
I don’t wanna make you at all
We’re minding the usher
Move along
Dirt was the man
And his mouth was the river
For she is the day
As the dawn
On and on, and on
Yeah it goes on and on, and on
Track Name: Distant Light
The man appeared to me inside that yellow wood.
I’d carved his name in the dirt, at the crossroads where we stood.
He said, “Are you looking for directions?”
I said, “Gee, I wish you would. Which way to the infinite road that unwinds from within.”
He said, “Follow the distant light”
Oh’ you know I will! Follow the distant light, just a little bit over the hill
Follow the distant light and although you’ll never near it.
You can travel on forever and you’ll never be back here.
I said, “alright”
The stranger appeared to me, he hopped down from his tree.
I said, “I can give you anything, but you know that nothing’s free.”
Well I could take it or leave it. I said, “well what do you want from me.”
He said, “nothing much really, just a small token of appreciation that would mean so little to man like you and so much to a man like me.”
Gimme the distant light.
Oh no I cannot do it
Gimme the distant light, he said through his teeth
Gimme the distant light
I said, “I aint quite yet through with it”
As I saw it shining dimly through the branches of his tree, I walked on

Following the distant light.
Like the way some people look for parking
Following the distant light, and tripping all over my feet
But following the distant light
And I know if I keep walking, I’ll never touch it, but as long as I move it’ll shine down on me.
Track Name: Phenomenon
Open roads, broken rope
Sign me up, give me will
To keep the hounds from sitting still
Any longer
Red skies at night,
The mornings white
The sky is blue
The sky is green
Am I, to you, to intervene?
The fire’s like the gasoline
And you are like the smoke
You’re always leaving
But you’re never gone
You’re everywhere at once
Like a true phenomenon
So take me down your old back roads
And show me where you go
That god may help me know it
When I see it
I could use a job
But I ain’t for hire
You ask and you receive
Or you learn to make believe
The fire’s like the gasoline
And you are like the smoke
Track Name: Too Weak To Ramble
I was a child when I left home.
I wandered blindly until I roamed.
While others have secrets I have none.
Now I’m too weak, too weak, too weak, to ramble

Bitter the fruit
Withered the vine
Long gone the virgin who danced til she died
I’m here in the valley, hidden from light
Too weak, too weak, too weak, to ramble

Too low to get up
Too weak to try
Too drunk to stagger
Too gone to lie
I always told myself I’d make it out of here alive
But, I’m too weak, too weak, too weak, to ramble
Track Name: Long Way Down
I fell asleep around quarter to four
I had a dream my baby didn’t want me no more
I was drowning in a sea of love
I was swallowed up by the water above
Oh water above, oh water below
Take me away in your undertow
I’ve been drinking from a broken cup
And a long way down means a long way up
Yeah a long way down, means a long way up
When I came to
I was feeling high
I got a telephone call from a friend of mine
Coming through so loud and clear
Yeah he was picking me up
Man he felt so near
When I hung up, and I looked around
I could hear the rain hit the cold cold ground
But there was sunshine just because
and it didn’t matter what the weather was
Yeah a long way down, means a long way up…
Something unreal.
I won’t slave for them
I won’t behave for them.
I will be brave.
You can laugh about it,
If you just let go.
Track Name: Cuckoo
I never really left. I was never gone.
I never strayed too far from where I was
I never noticed it. But now I know…
I come out for a minute and go back again
It goes on. It goes on

So strange it seems to want so bad.
To pine for things I never had
So far the gate. So far the fence.
I come out for a minute and go back again
It goes on. It goes on

And the cuckoo sang
With his hoot and twang
He come out for a minute he went back again
Getting out of the rain
And the cuckoo sang, and the cuckoo sang
Come out for a minute, he went back again
Stone cold cuckoo! Hexed and hoodooed. Here!

Well, I was once just like you. Born to roam and ramble too.
So strange it seems to fade to blue
Track Name: Twilight
I catch a falling star
Beneath the sky of velvet blue
I catch the night bird’s call
Beneath the honeymoon with you
To sweethearts in love with the twilight
That thrills you and fills up your cup
Just outside
At night
Looking up
Silhouettes of alley cats
The day is done
The night is new
I’ve fallen into a dream
Beneath the honeymoon with you

Track Name: Rock & Roll
When I was young, yeah I was young one time, we’ve all been young. But, this one time when I was young my buddy gave me a tape. And it freaked me out.
I didn’t know what to do. It was like TNT. I was in my brother’s room.

And another time, different house, different song, different friend, different band, he had real long hair, pulled the record out, put the needle on and freaked me out.
I’d never done drugs. I barely brushed my teeth. But I was on the floor all glassy eyed fucked up beyond belief.

Who’da known, who’da known, who’da known, who’da known
That it would be rock and roll
That would terrify and eat me
That would haunt me so completely

Yeah you were there, summer-time, young love, halcyon days, elysian fields, Marlboro reds, white car, blue eyes, cd in, cd in, cd in, a cd in a car stereo and it freaked me out. What he said about love. You were right there, I don’t know where I was.

How much do I owe my uncle? I suspect it’s more than I can pay. He gave us a tascam, some maxells, a shure 57 and a stereo delay and we freaked me out.
Yeah the hum and the hiss. We were only 16, but we were the shit.
Track Name: Love
There goes my baby
There goes my bride
Feels like the first time,
Time and time again
She was the one,
she was the only
she was a mystery
imagine my surprise.
I went to London
Down to the dungeon
I’ve been to hell if I’ve been any other way
If I’m not mistaken
I wasn’t taken
I found my own damn way down there for love.
But can it last
All my life
As it passes?
I met her in a costume
Underneath a full moon
Love from the stormiest skies.
The whole masquerade stopped
Yet another shoe dropped
But it was just another kind of disguise

I’m holding on
Don’t ask me why
I am afraid the only answer is a lie.
I tell myself
The strangest stories,
I aint a crow I found a crooked way to fly oh love
But can it last
All my life
As it passes by
Track Name: Nellie
Does she wander deep inside her slumber from dream to dream?
What does she dream?
You know you love her, but do you really know her?
I look in her face I know I’m somewhere in there.
But, she’s somebody else. She’s somebody new.
And I can’t help myself from going wandering with her from room to room.
Today, tomorrow, today
Oh Nellie
Does she wander deep inside her slumber from dream to dream?
What does she dream?
Oh to hold her, so happy just to know her
I got an old notebook, it’s filled with bits and baubles.
I wanna tighten it up and put it in her room between the hyacinth and the book of Aesop’s fables. I wanna go there soon.